To try and brush or comb out each knot would cause extreme distress and pain.

The ONLY option for us and to ensure the dogs comfort and protection is to remove the knots with care and as quickly and without distress for the dog.  
Their skin is being pulled constantly by those knots.
It makes them hate being touched by anyone because it hurts to be touched. 
•   Tangles take days to form, and minutes to remove with a comb and brush
•   Knots take weeks to form and take hours to remove with expertise by trimming or clipping out
•   Matted coats take months to form and take hours to remove and cannot be removed painlessly unless clipped off if there is enough Matt free hair behind the knot to do so.
•   Pelted sheep like felt coats takes 6months to form and take hours to be removed painlessly by clipping off slowly in one whole body sized pelt, and in some cases require anaesthesia at a Veterinary Surgery to ensure the animals welfare if it is too distressed.

After those knots have been removed there then follows the normal reactions of repair and rejuvenation of the skin that over the past few weeks or months, has been smothered and restricted by the tightness of those restricting knots.
Over the following few days, for the skin to begin to return to normal the first thing that happens is the blood flow returning to the skin surface. 

It takes time for the skin to return to normal, usually around a few days.  
But if there are hidden skin conditions or parasites under that matted coat, caused by the lack of attention and air circulation over many weeks or months,these will now be visible and require the attention of the animals Vet. These can range from yeast infections, flea dermatitis.
If Brushing and combing is not done regularly by us owners, so much so that by this time small knots have appeared, which we then try and brush or comb out, because they appear easy to get out; this causes the animal pain or distress.



Regular daily home grooming is the answer, 

As responsible dog and cats owners, by examining our pets daily during the grooming process that involves brushing and combing through their hair, removing tiny tangles that would in time make huge knots, then the problems mentioned above can be avoided.


regular visits to the grooming parlour will help; we recommend a visit every 6 weeks.

feel free to visit us if you need help or advice before the 6 week visit is due.