dog grooming is one of your dog's basic needs and an important part of dog ownership 

here are some basic dog grooming guidelines



  • long haired dogs usually require daily brushing  to prevent matting and tangling of the hair

  • medium haired dogs should be brushed weekly

  • short haired dogs should be brushed monthly


  • a monthly trim is recommended

some dogs develop an aversion to having their feet touched, hence some problems owners encounter when cutting their pets' nails.

we can show you how to trim your dog's nails



  • a monthly wash is recommended, but a weekly one is not harmful

  • use an appropriate dog shampoo especially if your dog presents some skin conditions


  • ​​a wekly ear cleaning session is recommended

  • use warm or tepid water with a cotton bud

  • or use a special ear cleaner solution

  • check that your dog's ears do not smell 

  • if it does, his ears might be infected

plucking your dog's ears also help keeping them clean from bacteria


dogs ears can be a haven for bacteria and yeast if not kept clean;

some dogs are predisposed to ear infection, especially dogs with floppy ears as less air passes through the ear canal